BIPP Program
BIPP Schedule

Men's Group is Sunday 1:30 - 3:00.  Orientation & Intake must be completed before attending group.

Orientation and Classes are held at the Administration Office of          New Hope Center of Paris 

450 SW 4th Street                       Paris, Texas 75460

For additional information call         903-783-0353.



Program Description

Batterer Intervention Prevention Program (BIPP) is designed to promote change through analyzing one's belief systems and how it contributes to intimate partner abuse.  Curriculum is used to hold batterers accountable as well as promoting nonviolence within these intimate and familial relationships.  Teaching accountability encourages batterers to use critical thinking and reflect on how their violence impacts victims.

Battering is a repeated behavior to establish control over another person.  A person uses battering when he or she believes they are entitled to control another and are doing so to bring about a specific result.  Battering can begin with an ominous look with the intent to generate fear and from that point escalates to physical violence and control.





  • To diminish the power of a batterer may have over the victim.
  • To explore the batterers intent of violence and the possibilities of change.
  • To develop new, non-violent belief systems.
  • To incorporate techniques that promote non-violent behavior.
  • To obtain an understanding of the impact of one's abuse to the victim as well as other family members.
  • To develop an understanding of the impact of one's abuse to the victim as well as other family members.
  • To develop an understanding that anger is an emotion while violence/abuse is a choice.

Discussion Topics

  • Non-violence
  • Non-threatening Behavior
  • Respect
  • Trust and Support
  • Honesty and Accountability
  • Responsible Parenting
  • Shared Responsibility
  • Economic Partnership
  • Sexual Respect
  • Negotiation and Fairness

Class Fees

BIPP consists of an orientation and 24 classes. 

Orientation fee is $40 and each weekly class is $25. 

Payments are made out to New Hope Center of Paris.  Payments are only accepted by Money Order - No CASH or CHECKS accepted.

Serving the following communities:

  • Lamar County
  • Red River County
  • Delta County
  • Hopkins County
  • Fannin County

Please call 903-783-0353 for class times and schedule.  Both men and women groups offered.

Certified facilitator:  Tanteta Scott, LSW

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